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Dyed hair is trending

Dyed hair is trending

New year is coming and it’s time for reflections about our appearance. Hair dyeing is perfect to renew and leave stages behind. Who has not gone to the hairdresser for asking what can you do to be trendy? We can look for a radical change or a reserved one that just give shine and life to our hair, without taking a big risk that may be difficult to maintain. The trend sets the rules for the coming months. That's why, if you're thinking about changing your look, it's advisable to know the tones that will look better on you. At the hair fashion gateways, the copper, brown, soft beige, blond nude, the balayage technique and fantasy colors such as pink and green are on top trending. So, we are talking about asymmetrical hair, with different shades to 'play' with the lights and get a much more striking and modern effect.

Wicks in honey, hazel and caramel tones are booming. Why? Easy. Because they bring light to the pale faces and make the skin tone tan, especially by using a slightly lighter shade in the contour and bangs. For the pinkest skins, the neutral and beige tones will soften it, always giving a lighter tone to the front and to the bangs to give a natural luminous effect. Uniform color hairs, you should be interest in lighting with chocolate tones in the paler skins, while the brown tone will favor the brown and pink skins.

Blondes are worn in all imaginable shades, from the lightest to the closest to the chestnut. Platinum is still a guarantee of success, even for those who prefer XL manes. Of course, in this type of hair is necessary an extra care because golden blondes are transformed into worn and opaque very easily.

The "balayage" have been very popular as technique. It can be used in different shades and it will always give a youthful and fresh air. It started as a dyeing technique to sweep the color without being as aggressive as a full discoloration and has evolved to become a lighting technique. The "bronde" is a mixture of chestnut and blonde. The "rose gold", approaches the golden nuances, it has been exhibited by Lucy Hale. The "blorange" appears this season and is an orange blond or a very light redhead, thus, the cold blondes and ashes are lit with a warm tone that is perfect for the Caribbean areas. It is an ideal alternative for those who look for a trend color that is not massive but want to forget about a simple hair.

Brown tones are synonymous with elegance, but they are brightened by lighter wicks. Either with a mix of some tones and very thin, or it could be thick and visible blondes for those who like to draw attention. The blacks come back strongly, in a classic but sophisticated way.

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