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Beards are trending

Beards are trending

They emerged from hipsters and lumbersexuales, yes, those who wear check shirts, rustic boots, and sports a groomed beard in a careless style, which project themselves as lumberjacks just arrived from their work (hence the English word "lumber", referring to wooden boards).

Beard fashion has made that hundreds of men let facial hair grow on their faces in order to be part of this social trend. Its benefits? Look more masculine, stylish and attractive. In addition, many women like it and they definitely have noticed it. Therefore, many stylists affirm that this trend will last long. Actually, barber shops don't think twice to open in many cities of the world, including Dominican Republic. They’re a place where people can enjoy the loving care of themselves including the most demanding beards.

The trend, increasingly popular, has its detractors too. Those who say that shaving is the new beard of the next few years. They even defend the arrival of mustache, which recently have been seen strongly among celebrities.

With few exceptions, beard style is flattering for most male gender.  Specially for those who want to masculinize their aspect. Long beards favor narrow faces, while rounder faces look perfectly with a three days long beard. The recommendation is to be advised by an expert barber that studies your face and helps you to show off an amazing beard.

The two main trends in beards are: the elegant one, something shorter and  well-groomed, and the three-day one, in which is shown an informal but clean style. A fashion that instead of being a temporary style, came to occupy a leading role.

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