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Modelling as natural as possible without surgery


In recent years, feeling and looking good have become priority for women and men. There are lots of treatments to shape the body without surgery or scalpel intervention. The increased demand for “coolscupting” ambulatory treatments has gone up exponentially. People are looking for natural, painless, age-matching body changes without going to the surgery room. The procedure is painless as the treated area is numbed by the cold. It is a non-invasive method that helps reducing the localized fat throughout the body quickly and with no surgery.

Finding the most adequate treatment for certain people requires to go through a personalized assessment where the specialized doctor will determine the different zones to be treated. At the same time, they have to be sure about any other pathology the patient might have such as obesity, cellulitis, etc. From that point on, they will define the most adequate procedure to be applied. It is also important to know the patient´s health background, living habits, and recovery expectations after surgery.

In general, these procedures have a few counter-indications, pregnancy, nursing periods, cold-associated diseases, patients with a pace-maker, autoimmune diseases, and under cancer treatments. However, there are some other counter-indications related to the zone on which the procedure will be practiced on. These areas must be treated individually. In some cases, they are hernia, skin infections, wounds, and sometimes are febrile states.  

From a professional point of view, one of the main benefits of a non-surgical liposculpture and the localized fat reduction is that it takes the risk down to the minimum before entering the surgery room. Minimizing the recovery time after surgery is also one of the benefits. One of the things that patients like the most about this non-invasive procedure is that they return to their normal lives very quickly. The cost of this procedure seems to be also more attractive to patients than conventional surgery. Finally, it brings some other benefits such as fat reduction between 20 and 40%, less flabbiness after procedure, better skin smoothness, mitigation of cellulitis, and remodeling of the body contour.


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