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Baptizing Spaces


It is always interesting to know about origins. Words become enigmas when we read them and the combination of the letters gives us ideas sometimes real and some not so obvious from what they really mean.

We associate adjectives to places that we follow in our constant search for the body wellness. Athletic is one of those terms that make us think of muscle and fitness. We turn a concept into a space as if by magic and nouns become strong with the vigorous injection of exercise, treatments toning us and hands traveling over our geography relax us almost to unconsciousness.

Moreover, if we rummage a bit into that modern bag of words, we find such short words and Anglo- Saxon expressions that make us think of acronyms. An example of this is “Spa”. There are versions about the word spa and we could imagine that it is an English word but we really would be away from the two main positions regarding to its emergence.

In ancient province of Liege, Belgium, a town known for its thermal baths and called “Spa”, popularized the use of water as a mean to relax and enjoy the healthy benefits of natural liquid. The Spanish Royal Academy supports this version as a toponym instead of an acronym for the Latin phrase ¨Salus per Aquam¨, which could be translated as Health by Water.

What matters is not the semantic argument, a massage or a workout session will be much better. There are physical sensations that transport us, open doors to knowledge of that other self sleeping lazy. The body is grateful and time spent in personal care translates into an investment at the end that pays off in a healthier old age. Go to a gym or to one of these fitness centers is not a fashion subject, it is to make evident a decision about caring for ourselves.

We baptize these spaces with idioms, but it merely tries to follow the same ancient routine that states a healthy body healthy mind. Atlético Punta Cana Beauty & Spa is a modern Fitness and Wellness Beauty Center with highly trained personnel, which aims to offer customers the guarantee of quality, professionalism, guidance and good service in a healthy and pleasant environment.

A wide circle of satisfied customers have enabled us to achieve the highest values of aesthetic care. In 2009 we have added this achievement in the noble aesthetic world of the Dominican Republic and since then we have been aroused on each client the need to care for their health, body and mind in a comfortable and customized environment. For Atlético Punta Cana Beauty & Spa each customer represents a unique personality which wants to be recognized and treated as such. Atlético Punta Cana Beauty & Spa doesn’t want to be only a spa for them, but a “lifestyle”.

-Relaxing area with a whirlpool bath

-Expert hands with professional therapists from Thailand and India

-Wide range of treatments: individual, Asian, Ayurvedic, for babies and children

-Exfoliants and Body Wraps

-Body toning treatment

-Beauty Treatments

-Facial treatments for men and women

-Correction and coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows

-Manicure and Pedicure

-Hair removal and more

Atlético Punta Cana awarded the European Quality Label for Wellness
The European Audit Institute for Wellness and Spa has distinguished Atlético Punta Cana with a Premium superior quality certificate. Being the only contracting institution in Europe, with an officially appointed and sworn expert, in his capacity as independent and impartial institution that ensures quality through its round stamp and seal of quality. This is the first distinction accordance with European standard which has been granted so far in the Dominican Republic.