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Snail slime, How far will we get for beauty?

Snail slime

This road already had traveled before, in fact, since the world began, it has always been in our interest to find solutions for aging and beauty.

Some of the most recent “remedies” were mother of pearl facial cream, a product that promised us back a few years if we applied dust shells in the face. After that it was the omnipotent spirulina, seaweed whose effectiveness defied any disease. Surprisingly, now it is the turn of a particular animal, who would have imagined that we would end spreading the face with snail slime?

Before frowning, I tell you it’s not slime itself (although some spa in Asia offer treatments where five snails go all over the face, leaving his slimy trail on the skin) but what is used here it is a compound called allantoin. This is a chemical that is not only found in snails slime but in some medicinal plants and it can also be obtained synthetically.

Some of the virtues given are:

-it allows skin healing time to reduce, as it encourages its regeneration and accelerates this natural process of the skin.

-When some skin tissue is in bad condition, allantoin destroys dead skin allowing cleaning and improvement of damaged skin; in this way it prevents matter accumulation from easy bacterial contamination.

-it stimulates the epidermis, particularly the granular epithelium which is the area where new cells are generated and therefore, replace those damaged or aged.

-it reduces pain sensation, thus acting as a mild anesthetic. Furthermore it is frequently used for treating dry skin, but also as an antiseptic and moisturizer along with other substances with similar properties. The result is a smoother and healthier skin.

In Dominican Republic, you can get a good variety of products containing allantoin, especially for hair. It’s no wonder this trend, because if there’s one thing in which Dominican women spend their money is in their hair, that’s why, anything that promises to repair damage from continuous use of hairdryers (female national sport in Spain par excellence), has a very good reception in the market.

It also helps to prevent hair loss and eliminate dandruff. Its healing and restorative effect is responsible for the hair healthy grow again.

But in reality, how effective is the allantoin? Does it really give us the results promised on television spots? Dermatologists insist that we must not forget that these creams and shampoos are cosmetic instead of therapeutic products. That is, it only acts on the skin surface layer and its effects are limited.

The truth is that dermatologists can recommend this product for specific cases, after radiotherapy (atrophy and wearing skin) for superficial scars or some types of acne because its use is not dangerous, so you have nothing to lose and be the one to try the snail slime.

TEXT: Geizel Torres; IMAGES: Suresh