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Contouring step by step, Playing with lights and shades

It came into fashion thanks to Kim Kardashian herself and countless women, besides the Hollywood celebrities, have decided to try the makeup technique to look radiant while skilfully playing with dark colors and the highlighter to create subtle definition on their faces.
It seems easy but it takes time. We must know what face zones have to be highlighted or hidden, otherwise we will have the opposite effect.
It is essential to bear in mind that we live in a country where warm weather prevails which forces us to properly select the type of makeup to be used. “Nowadays the face contouring has become more popular, looking for true results by avoiding unnatural skin or any change of it. It allows us to naturally enhance our facial bones”, explains a makeup pro of M.A.C. Cosmetics.
If you want to learn how to apply this makeup, follow this step by step tutorial on facial contouring we have made as of the most popular videos posted in Internet
1. First apply a pre-foundation and later the foundation or tinted moisturizer, and use a medium or full coverage makeup depending on the result you expect.
2. Choose what color to use for contouring technique. It can be powder, cream, liquid…but it cannot have shades of red or orange and has to be dull. Remember to apply an oil-free foundation mainly for the warm weather.
3. Using a big brush, apply the dark color underneath cheekbones up to your ear, on your jawline, top of your forehead (hairline) and temple. Use a thinner brush to draw a stripe down the sides of your nose (if it is too long, apply color on your nose tip) and on your eyelids.
At this moment, a flat bevelled brush is the perfect choice to contour your face. Get makeup on it and remove all excess so as to apply just the right amount to achieve a shading effect and thus to naturally enhance our facial bones.
4. Now it is the turn of the “highlighter”. Apply it on the bridge of the nose until the forehead and go into the t-zone, under your eyes, on your cheekbones, on your chin and on those zones without makeup loca - ted between the dark-colored areas of the cheekbone and jaw.
5. Use a pink color to accent the cheeks. Be sure not to apply too much blush because it can damage the contouring effect. When applying it, smile softly without open your lips to accentuate your cheeks and to pat quick dabs.
6. This is the last step and the most important one. The key is makeup blending: first shape carefully those areas where the light color was applied, then blend the dark colors in circles to make your skin seamless and natural. Apply a little bit of translucent powder to set the makeup.
Et voilà! This is the result of a well done contouring. Kim Kardashian doesn’t leave her home without it, but we will probably use it in some very especial occasions and cele - brations. Do you dare to try this technique?
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