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Eyelash Extensions. An intense look

Eyelash Extensions
In the beauty world innovations develop rapidly and increasingly and offer us more treatments to improve our image.
One of the cosmetics women use most in general is the mascara to highlight the eyes, a very important part of the face. Simply it is applied eyelash color mascara to obtain larger, bushier and more curved eyelashes when they are slightly thick.
To replace this make-up getting a natural result we can use the eyelash extensions that modify the look enhancing the length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes without using makeup at all. Lash extensions have been refined in recent years, reaching today amazing results. It is very important to be carried out by highly qualified professionals. This method should not be confused with traditional self-adhesive false eyelashes that have nothing to do with it.
This technique is an extension of your natural eyelash to achieve a more sizeable effect. The extensions may consist of semipermanent, artificial, elastic and smooth synthetic fiber. They are a replica of the natural lashes because are worked with different lengths and thicknesses.
How to Apply
Each eyelash extension is attached to the top of your natural lash, about a millimeter from the eyelid, so neither the glue nor the added eyelash come into contact with the skin. The procedure can take up to two hours for both eyes. It is meticulous work that requires patience and concentration. It is a painless process for the client who just needs to close the eyes and remain relaxed.
Treatment Duration
All of our body hairs have a life cycle, they grow and fall. The extensions as such do not cause eyelashes to fall out in any case, but seeing an eyelash with extension will attract even more attention because they will appear longer, fuller and darker. Keep in mind that we can lose from three to five eyelashes per day approximately.
Eyelash extensions are characterized by their durability and their maintenance should be made every 20 days. It is estimated that each eyelash lives around 90 days and 30 days after its growth, the eyelash is ready to assimila - te an extension. Therefore it lasts about two months. Spe - cial care is not needed, just to avoid touching them so much and especially not rub them. You can use mascara although it is no longer neces - sary. You must be extremely careful when removing makeup and do not use products containing oil as it could affect the glue. It is recommended to do this process gently, always upward and lateral movement, never down because traces of make-up could remain at the base of the eyelashes which could shorten the eyelas - hes duration or even make them to fall out. Likewise the eyelash curler should not be used as it could dama - ge the natural eyelashes. It is important to emphasize that there is a specific pro - duct that dissolves the glue and preserves the original eyelash that’s why it is unad - visable to pull the eyelash out in any case.
Eyelashes extensions are the ideal choice to always have a natural “look” without being worried about putting on makeup.
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