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Natural Juice-based Detox Diet

Detox Diet

For a natural and healthy lifestyle. More and more people add to the new healthy lifestyles, workout and diets rich in vegetables to look happy and glowing.

What are these diets? Are green juices as amazing as it is told? What do the experts think? What are the best products? How and when should they be drunk?

The detox diets have that name because they are aimed to eliminate toxins through a healthy and balanced diet, and stand for a comprehensive healthy lifestyle as well. Toxins are substances that once introduced into a living being can cause serious disturbances or even death. The body meets these poisons for instance: by food, water, air or skin.

The green juices detox diets are based on the conviction that their ingestion, by being rich in sap – the so called chlorophyll that is transported inside the plants and from which they take what is needed for their nutritionalkalize or strengthen the blood of those who drink them and help to remove poisons that lie in wait for from the body. Besides, they state that these diets are necessary because although the kidneys, liver and skin are equipped to cleanse the body, the speed and amount of toxins body receives make them insufficient and thus, toxins accumulate.

How and when

Nutritionists say that proper fruit daily ration is at least five pieces. As vegetables, it seems reasonable to eat them and the proper way is as juices: drink them is easy and convenient, the body absorbs nutrients better, and as ingredients are uncooked they keep all properties. The green juice of a detox diet should be drunk alone and preferably at the time in which the natural detoxification is performed: from early morning until lunchtime. Experts say that breakfast is the best option to help the body with our juices in its natural cleansing toxins work. Aloe vera, apple, green pepper, cucumber, melon, lemon and pineapple are good allies of anyone who chooses a healthy juice.

Some tips

Choose the right liquidizer, not be confused with blenders or juicers. Use seasonal products. Wash the ingredients before liquefy. Do not peel the fruit except citrus and those of hard skin. Mint, pineapple, apple help to remove bitterness in juices made with bitter greens. After liquefying repeat the process with the pulp to make good use of it, the remaining can be utilized to flavor a soup or vegetable croquettes.

Critics’ opinion

However there are also critics against these diets in the world. Some agencies are skeptical to this food, they consider the juices are healthy but they are not magic potions at all. Overconsumption can irritate the gut and although they can be prepared at home, some promoters of these diets sell complete ranges at high prices.

They also state that “detox diet consumed for a long time may cause biochemical stress that would increase the production of oxidizing agents, an opposite effect.” They also recommend to run away from the “promises that sells diets” because most of them lack scientific grounds. Apart from controversies, the truth is that many specialists of the most diverse specialties -homeopaths, naturopaths and traditional doctors –besides, they not to generalize and pay attention to the need of each case in a concrete and specific way, they are in favor of banishing the term diet, which implies withdrawal and a sacrifice for a long time, and replace it by the benefit of a comprehensive way of healthy life based on workout and balanced food; those things which, moreover, have been continuously indicating the common sense- the least common of the senses- throughout history: “a healthy mind in a healthy body” said the ancient Greeks.

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