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Bottega Verde, Passion for cosmetics and natural beauty

Bottega Verde

Mirca Serri arrived to DR in June 2008 running from the frenetic pace of Italy and looking for a better quality of life for her family. She quickly adapted and has never stopped in their different professional stages in the country.

She travels to her native Modena whenever it is possible and returns home with all Bottega Verde products for skin and hair care. The idea of opening a shop Bottega Verde in Punta Cana comes from her own needs, offering both residents and tourists the benefits of natural products. At the same time a new store will be opened in Plaza Comercial 360 at the capital. The brand is number one in Italy in the production and sale of cosmetics based on natural active ingredients. More than 6 million customers support the benefits of Bottega Verde. In this way, with all the Italian passion, Mirca tells us its commitment to the brand.

When does Bottega Verde start?

In 1972 in a small Tuscan village between Florence and Siena, Pienza, it comes into being a small herbalist’s passionately devoted to craft production and sale of cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.

What is Bottega Verde today?

Today is number one in Italy. This small herbalist’s was acquired by a large group and with passion and intuition turned the brand into a national success and later international. Its expansion begins in the 90s.

Why did you decide to open a store Bottega Verde in Punta Cana?

On one hand, I think there is a great potential in this country because natural products that can be found here are very limited up to now. On the other hand, for my own need, I needed a good product for my personal care which respects my skin as well as the environment and animals.

Sometimes people distrust of natural products benefits. Which data could you provide us to confirm these benefits?

Bottega Verde has its exclusive Patent and certified quality. Many innovations are born in research and development lab, which combine in a bio-responsible way the use of active ingredients of natural source with cutting edge technologies. Each process is controlled directly and the production plants are certified by ISO 9002 Quality System.

Mirca SerriHow would you define Bottega Verde products?

They are unique, sensory, extraordinarily effective and pleasant. Bottega Verde is a total commitment to nature where the starting point of each formula is harmony, balance and wellbeing. The great heritage of the brand comprises 300 natural ingredients.

What products will we find in the store of Punta Cana?

Bottega Verde’s lines are very complete as they cover all the necessary products for hair care, body, face, makeup and sun, with a great variety in each. The selection of fragrances and deodorants prepared from flowers and fruits, certainly satisfies the most exquisite tastes.

Who are Bottega Verde products’ potential customers?

They are for all customers, men, women, teens and children. There is such a variety of products that Bottega Verde will always have what they need to natural cosmetics level.

Let’s talk about the hairline. What can you offer?

Specific products for each case: Weak and treated, oily, dry and dull hair, special colors and wicks as well as hair loss. Treatments of ginseng, cashmere and keratin, silk protein, flax seeds ...

Is there any specific sun line?

Yes, but the most important thing it is that all sun products have natural substances capable of reducing the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure, and limit the effects of UVA / UVB rays as well.

What do you offer for makeup?

For each product we have a variety: foundations, concealers, blushes, mascara, profilers, eye shadows, powders, lipsticks of different colors and accessories ... and everything you need for skin cleansing, manicure and pedicure. I would emphasize that makeup is not only used for improving physical appearance but also protecting the skin against external aggressions (wind, sun, cold, pollution ...) as it made with essential oils and vitamin E.

What are the most outstanding products for bath and body?

It’s a complicated question because the product range is very wide: moisturizers, firming for cellulite, exfoliating, for hand and foot... I can’t choose just one, all are necessary! For body care as a whole, Mirca may advise us the best products according to our needs, so that we could learn to trust the brand Bottega Verde where science and nature go together.

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