BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
Treehouse Village

Treehouse Village, by the branches

In the Dominican Republic the hotels offer is strongly established, especially on coasts, but there are other interesting destinations that can leave a mark on you forever. I won’t be among the branch anymore, we talk about Tree house Village.

This is about a set of cabins made of wooden and reed, very warm which are all spread in a beautiful tropical valley. There are about 20 rooms available, with roofs but no walls, just a few balconies adorned with beautiful curtains combining brown and orange colors. They are accessed by wooden stairs or on ramps down the slopes of the valley. Well-thought-out.

The arrival

The adventure begins long before you arrive. You have to go to Santa Bárbara de Samaná, and find a sign indicating “El Valle (The Valley)” going to Las Galeras, but at the beginning of that road. The wheels leave the asphalt very soon, there is a road of caliche, but further on you will realize that it’s wise to choose a 4x4 to travel (highly recommended). After the beautiful environment of the reservoir, there is a stony path down and there a parking with signpost to the right.

The adventure doesn’t stop. You must walk by the river a few minutes, without any further reference but the jungle, which is getting denser, jump over some stones to overcome a small river bed and cross a suspension bridge made of rope strings and woods.


You are already in Dominican Tree house Village, but you only see a building, big, solemn, and warm. It houses the bar that serves as a reception in some occasions. A friendly employee comes with the inscription, then a welcome softdrink and gradually you get acquaintance with the place. From this point, several walkways elevate above the ground breaking through the jungle, if you look at outside the first question is where the houses are? You only see the forest, but if you look carefully, the roofs can be seen among the trees, then they are drawing between vines, branches and fleshy leaves, access stairs, handrails and other structures.

In spite of the rustic appearance, the food offered surprisingly has high quality, delicious taste and good service. The night makes you to enjoy a great dimension campfire located near a wooden pergola from which chains hang holding some seats to balance, almost over the fire.

The stars are your ceiling and birds hidden in the foliage, your morning alarm clock.

You can get information and make a reservation at, it will be worthy to be Tarzan, Jane or Cheetah albeit one night. It costs around $ 100 a night in a cabin.

TEXT: Nacho Mahou; IMAGES: Nacho Mahou / Ruth Boguña

Tags: Adventure

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