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BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
BACANA MAGAZINE hotel occidental punta cana
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The Tres Ojos Cave, A magical place with underground lakes

There is a place in Santo Domingo known as the Tres Ojos National Park. It is a stunning setting in which the protagonists are underground lakes. There are currently four lakes, three of which are within the caverns and are what give the place its name. The fourth lake was later discovered and since it’s outdoors is not considered an eye.

The Tres Ojos caves were discovered in 1916. Before the steps that allow access to the lakes were built, only the brave who went down with ropes or tree roots could enjoy the crystal clear waters. The whole area is surrounded by natural vegetation among which the largest ferns of the island are found. There is also a wide variety of fish and bats flitting between stalactites and stalagmites of the caves. The entire set is one of the most spectacular views of Santo Domingo.


As for the lakes, formed by the emergence of several thousand years ago, they have different names. One of them is El lago de las Aguas Azufradas (the Lake of the Sulfur Waters), so called because it was thought that the white spots observed therein were sulfur. Today we know that these spots are actually calcium and other minerals. The second lake is known as La Nevera (The Fridge) because it is deeper and its waters are cooler. The reason is not receiving sunlight. El lago de las Damas (The Ladies Lake) named because it was formerly used as a spa for women and children, as it is located in a more discrete area. Finally, there is the Zaramagullones lake because of the amphibians ducks bathing in its waters. This lake is the one not considered as an eye. The lakes connect to one another by wooden boats or gateways which facilitate visits.

Another major attraction of these underground caves is tranquility it conveys. Visits entitle a highly recommended excursion to be in contact with nature and put aside the day-to-day problems. The clear waters of the lakes and the beautiful figures formed by the stalactites and stalagmites in caves offer a beautiful show that should not go unnoticed. Some legends say that thousands of years ago these caves of Los Tres Ojos were frequented by the aboriginal, who used them to perform magic and religious activities. Meanwhile, the guides currently showing the caves point out that in the area, movies like Tarzan and Jurassic Park have filmed. The truth is that Los Tres Ojos National Park is an ideal place to spend a good time with family enjoying one of the most magical spots in Santo Domingo. Caves, lakes, rocks, flora and fauna unite to show visitors some of the secrets of the Dominican Republic.

TEXT: Marta Marcos

Tags: Adventure

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